Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Lions and Ladies

We had the most fabulous day at the zoo. I'm too wiped out for a long post but wanted to give you something to look forward to:Nathan was communing with the Lions. The Philadelphia zoo recently updated their big cat exhibit and it is FABULOUS. The Amur tigers had cubs (3) and they were playing together and with their mother the entire time we were there. I have some fabulous pictures and even a video. Stay tuned tomorrow for more great pictures and commentary.

Secondly, here is the first possible item for the give away. This is a little Crocus Lady all in wool felt. She is very small but delightful. Not quite in season but that is why I like her.
Remember, just leave a comment on any of the posts from today until Sunday and you will be entered into the contest. For more give-aways click here.

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