Thursday, November 1, 2007

Philadelphia Zoo

What can I say about the zoo? We love it. I have learned over the past few years that when I take the kids to a museum or zoo or aquarium I do not lead, I follow. I have to wait until something strikes their interest and then we dig in. I have also learned that the boys are not too interested in historical museums but are fascinated by the animal world. We still go to historical sites and events because I believe it is important but I focus more on the zoos, natural history museums and aquariums because they learn more when they love something.

Tuesday at the zoo was lovely. The weather was cool but nice and sunny and the crowds were minimal. Here are some of my favorite pictures. We are partial to the cats as will be obvious when you scroll down. The picture at the top of the post is the Clouded Leopard.This is Nathan and Nolan and the 5 month old baby tiger. These tigers were definitely our favorites. This is the Amur Leopard from Russia and is very rare.The Snow Leopard. These guys have incredibly bushy tails that they use as mufflers to keep their noses warm in the coldest weather.And finally mom and cub in the water. The cubs played and wrestled the entire day with their siblings and their mother and we think she just needed a break (sound familiar?) and so walked into the water. The cubs did not like to get in the water and so left her alone for a few minutes.

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amy said...

Great pictures! Looks like Nathan has a way with the wild animals.

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