Friday, November 30, 2007

Country Living

My good friend Amy linked up to this post. It speaks to my soul (well, ok, maybe not the part about building houses). I grew up in a suburban town. Not suburban like we think of today but in a large brick house with a big back yard and a school 1/2 a block away.

As kids we rode our bikes all over town and had sleep outs on the front porch. One of our jobs was cleaning the wood porch and we loved this job because once it got good, wet and soapy it made a great slide. My dad must have had that porch sanded really well because I don't ever remember getting a splinter.

My husband grew up in the city and in a suburban town. Even when he was young he walked and rode everywhere. There were lots of neighborhood kids. My kids are growing up in the same city. I love it for many reasons. I love that I don't need to drive my car everywhere I go. I love my big old house with its gorgeous woodwork. I love everything that the city has to offer in terms of music, art and culture. The thing is, we aren't very cultured. I guess it's the country girl in me.

I drive Nolan to school everyday about 15 minutes out of the city. I begin to love the area surrounding his school. It is still suburban but it is less city. There is very little country left in our county. To buy any part of it is extremely expensive. I think my country yearnings are only a pipe dream but a dream none the less. I'd love to live where there are some trees to climb and a creek to wade, where we could raise some chickens and have a few animals for Nathan to nurture. Will we move? Probably not. It would have to be the Will of God to get us to find a house and land that we could afford.

So for now Nathan takes care of the cats, Nolan climbs fences and we landscape the back yard. And we are thankful for everything that we have. It is all a gift.

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amy said...

I really don't think this has to be a pipe dream....=)

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