Monday, November 26, 2007

Fabric Matching

I intended to write over the Thanksgiving break but I never got the chance. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving with both Mike's family and my own. We are fortunate that our families are close by. Some years that means we eat two holiday meals within hours of each other. This year, my family chose to celebrate on Sunday. This made for two very relaxing visits with both of our families. I actually enjoyed both meals too!
Since I decided to participate in the Artisan Fair at our church, I've been in the sewing room quite a bit. I have been rummaging through my stacks of fabric and found that I had a few pieces that were about a yard or more but that I had nothing to match them. Since JoAnn Fabric was having quite a sale I decided to match things up and makes some bags. The above bag was whipped up without a pattern.
I quite like how it worked out. It is shorter on the bottom than the top and is fully lined with two pockets on the inside. A magnetic snap (also on sale at Joanne's) closes the whole thing. The strap is large enough to throw over your shoulder.

To your right you can see some little pin cushions I whipped up using my favorite chick and chicken fabric. These were so easy to make and look so nice.

I've gotta run Nolan to Guides and so will have to leave you with these two pictures. I am beginning to update my etsy shop and will continue to do so all week. Check it out! I'll post more goodies this week.

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