Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Little Advent Project

I love the Liturgical Year and wanted to do a little more decorating for Advent this year. I don't like to spend too much money on decorations and I don't like to have anything too big to store. I got an idea from Sun and Candlelight and A Number of Things and tweaked it for my mantle. I'll keep you in suspense for now as to the entire project but it is simple, cost $11 and will store in a minimum of space.

Last year the kids and I read the book The Jesse Tree by Geraldine McCaughrean and they made Jesse tree ornaments each day. They loved this project and especially the book. We will again read the book and attach our ornaments each day of advent. I had never heard of a Jesse Tree until I was perusing my friend Michele's curriculum Mater Amabilis. I found several great books and ideas from this site.

The other tradition we have are advent boxes. It is the same idea as an advent calendar except I have candy boxes for each day (actually we count down the days of December until Christmas which doesn't always quite coincide with Advent) and inside the boxes are the pieces of the Playmobil Nativity. My kids were never big Playmobil fans so I am always surprised at how much they enjoy this activity. I'll post pictures of everything once Advent rolls around.

I'd love to hear what you do for Advent and also for Thanksgiving. I want to do some projects soon with the boys for that soon-to-come holiday.


Mrs.E said...
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Mrs.E said...

How fun! I just love this time of year. Apart from the creative things and decorating to be done, it is of course such a joyous heavenly ocassion.

Beginning on the 1st of November, we each write on a little piece of paper something that we are thankful for and put in a jar. We do that everyday then at Thanksgiving we open up the jar and take turns pulling a paper out and read it aloud. We're left wondering who wrote what but we never tell :) Most of the time we can just figure out who wrote what.

In December we always light an advent wreath but we use just white candles instead of the colored ones. Our version of an advent calendar is a little wooden box with little drawers where I keep miniature angels in. Beginning on Dec. 1st we take out one angel and we place it on a miniature tree that I keep on my kitchen counter where I can always view it. On the last day there is a miniature cross to be pulled out and placed atop the tree. This is something my son has enjoyed since he was a little boy :)

Can't wait to see the outcome of your project. Looks like fun!

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