Thursday, January 24, 2008

Breath and books

Today I finally felt like I could take a breath. This has been much needed in my life. Selling a house stinks. Too much keeping things neat and tidy, too much fixing things that you have no problem living with but you don't think any other person will want to live with, too much wondering if anyone is ever going to look into your house. I have decided that I'm going to live as if I'm never moving and keep tidying as if people will be walking into my house every day. I'd actually love to live in a tidied house all the time so I'm looking at that aspect of selling in a VERY positive way. I love neatness and order in a home. Makes it so much easier to do things spontaneously.

I have been feeling that I haven't been spending enough time with Nathan on his school work. He can be a very independent worker and that is exactly what I want him to be. I know there are areas that he needs to work on and those have fallen a little by the wayside these last two weeks. Nathan, having Asperger's Syndrome, needs help with reading and writing. He can do both but isn't very confident and does need more of a structure. Since we are planning to send him to school next year, I wanted to focus in on his reading and writing a little more. His math skills are terrific so I am grateful that we don't have to worry about anything there. Today I was able to spend the entire day focused on his school work and I felt so GOOD about it. Like, this is just the way it is supposed to be: no hurrying or wishing he could do his work more quickly because I had things to do, etc. etc. I could breathe and so could he.

Now onto books. I recently began working at the most fantastic job I've ever had. I do small groups with children in 1-3rd grade who have been identified as being at risk for drug and alcohol use/abuse. I use a set curriculum but I am able to modify the games/books/activities to suit the group. So today I went to the library and began searching through the children's picture books. Oh, how I love picture books. Next week the lesson is about friendship and what makes a good friend. I just picked a letter and began pulling. So much fun. I can't say I found the greatest book ever but I had such a great time reading and looking at them. One reason to love my job. The best reason I love my job is, of course, the children. When I see their faces light up because they see me coming to get them out of class to go to group I feel like I'm in Heaven. Pure Joy. A gift from God.

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