Saturday, January 19, 2008


Elizabeth Foss has a marvelous article on the Catholic Exchange today. Please read it if you have time. This is exactly what I want. No, I need to stop with the I wants (which you will notice a lot of in my last post). This is what God wants for me and so He has generously given me the desire to conform to His will. In the article Elizabeth quotes an inscription on a chapel wall, "This is all I desire: to be where God wants me to be."

This is not always easy to follow and sometimes I think I take a meandering path to get to the place in which He wants me to work. But, perhaps, each curve of the path was its own little mission. I have always thought the meandering stream in a meadow to be one of the most beautiful natural features of this earth. I can still remember being amazed when we studied geography and learned what causes a stream to meander. Usually it is something that is blocking the path of the water like a rock or a tree that fell over. Hmm, as I write this I realize that my meandering has often been due to something that is blocking my path. Those rocks and tree trunks in my own life are often things that, at the time, I wish were not in my way. Yet now that I look back over the beauty that is my meandering stream, I see that those things were placed in my life for a purpose.

The world, especially America, wants us to have a straight stream. We need to push aside the rock or the tree and forge ahead. Nothing should stop us from our success. Well, success as the world views it. No, I see those rocks and trees as times where God wants me to stop and lean on Him. He then shows me a new path to follow. When I allow this in my life (even when it is so very, very difficult) I come away refreshed and stronger in my faith. God has also given me some wisdom that I am able to impart to others who are experiencing their own pain.

So I am glad to be a meandering stream in this life. I have had a few small rocks in my way this past year: choosing to discontinue homeschooling, putting aside my own wants and desires and focusing on my children's talents and skills, trying to serve others more. Simplifying. To be where God wants me to be.

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amy said...

I agree about the meandering stream-beautiful. Hope things went well today.

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