Sunday, March 30, 2008


Last night I was sewing up a bag from one of the magazines I recently purchased. This bag calls for a long narrow shoulder strap. While I was stitching the shoulder strap I would randomly receive cat pounces from Gizmo who, thankfully, came to us declawed. I had cut too much fabric for the strap and so thought I would use the left overs to make Gizmo a fancy cat string. On the cutting table happened to be about 15 wool felt flowers that I had cut for a project that just didn't turn out well. I combined the strap and the wool flowers to make some very fashionable kitty toys. I have them listed in my etsy shop for a very reasonable price.
I spent the day at my parent's house scanning in old photos for a slide show to be shown at their 50th wedding anniversary dinner in about one month. It was such a nice day to spend with them working on this project. Mike and I will celebrate our 50th in 2042. Seems like there will surely be robots and self cleaning houses by then. I probably still won't have a dishwasher.

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Mandi said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog, I appreciate it! In response, the "board" is actually just fabric with that grid printed on it, my husband tacked it down with a staple gun on a wall in our basement.

Anyway, I love these little cat toys, I bet cats love them so much! they're fun and adorable! Oh, and those totes are great too, I bet they'll sell like hot cakes this spring :-)

Hope your weekend was great!

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