Friday, June 27, 2008

House Work

It has been a busy week. This was really the first full week of summer that I didn't have any other obligations. It may be the last week of the summer that way as well. Next week I begin working four hours a day, three days a week as an aide in a classroom of high school aged autistic students. I am looking forward to the opportunity but not so much the having to be at work by 8am part. It is difficult to get back into the working world after being at home but it is necessary. At least I am able to get back into the groove slowly.Since I had a week off, I promised the boys that I would de-rose their room. They had one full wall of rose wallpaper and three walls of rose border. I think whoever applied the wallpaper did so with super glue. The wall of paper came off in one day. Yes, one wall, one day. I thought the border couldn't be too much worse. I was wrong. That paper didn't want to come off for anything. I used orange remover, I used DIF, I used a Paper Tiger, I used a scrubby sponge, I used all the muscles I had and it just wouldn't come off. Finally I used the sander. It still took quite a while and a ton of muscle but I got it off! Tomorrow Mike will paint the room. I'm so glad we have complementary talents. I destroy, he restores. It is a match made in heaven.
The above picture is what I see every time I go upstairs. The downside to having a small house is that when we do these "little" projects, there isn't a whole lot of space to put all the extra stuff you have to move around. It motivates me to finish quickly.

The bulletin boards and mirror and others extras from the boys walls are in my sewing room. I have been motivated to finish my quilt along so I piled everything on the blanket chest and worked around it. Here's what I see in my sewing room:
I plan to border the white with one row of squares and then maybe another narrower white border. Time will tell. It is hot today and so I promised the boys we'd go to the pool. They are amusing themselves in the back yard with ten boxes of popping fire crackers. Tomorrow is a swim meet for Nolan so he and I will be gone most of the day. The good side of being gone all day is that when we get home, the boys room should look amazingly different. I love when that happens, when I return to an amazing transformation. It is sort of like reading blogs, I get to see all the results without having to endure all the time it takes to get there!

Happy Friday, folks.

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