Monday, July 28, 2008

Big Box Give Away

Well, here it is. The give away. I've been wracking my brain trying to figure out the best way to give away my fabric stash. I wanted to give away lots of little packages but the shipping was going to kill me. Fabric weighs too much. So here's what I've decided. I went through my entire stash and put all the fabric in this moving box. No, I'm not giving away everything but I am giving away a whole lot. I know I am going to have to put my sewing aside for awhile and if I haven't used this fabric someone should.

So this week I'll be posting some pictures of what is inside the box. If you are interested in winning this entire box full of fabric comment on this or any post after this one. I want you to work for it though. 1.Tell me what you think you'll do with the as specific as you can. 2.Tell me why you read my blog. If you read only because someone told you about my give-away....that's ok! 3.I also want to know what book you enjoyed reading as a child. 4. What made you smile today. Ok, that's it. I have no idea how I'll pick the winner. It could be random, it could be specific. I may let my kids pick. You never know.

Lastly, please encourage others to stop by and enter. I love to hear from people and to meet new bloggers.


Waldeck Dry Goods said...

Hi! I am trying to clean out too, so that means I have room to win your fabric, right?? I'd love to have some new stuff for my stash. My answers to your questions:
1. I am really into making little quilts right now. I also love making tote bags and zippered pouches. I think new (to me) fabric will inspire me!
2. I read your blog because I love to hear about how other families live and learn together, and I love seeing what others create.
3. All I did was read when I was a kid. I think my favorite books were the Little House on the Prairie books.
4. Watching my 10-month-old toddle around as she learns to walk is making me smile today. =)

Thanks for hosting this great giveaway!! Addie

Regina said...

The Quilting Gallery sent me over here - although I have been trying to go down through her list and read 5 new people every day - just had not gotten to you yet.

So to answer the questions:
1. I am making lunch bags, and just got much more into making scrappy quilts than planned out quilts so variety makes me happy.
2. Just found you - so need to read more.
3. I am a total a bookworm - and I re-read, too. Favorites of childhood included Hobbit/Lord of the Rings (6th grade forward), anything by Laura Ingalls Wilder, and anything by Anne McCaffrey. I also ADORED Cricket Magazine, and kept every issue I ever got.
4. My munchkin (3.5) asking to keep just "toes and feet" instead of putting on socks and shoes this morning - cracks me up every time!!

amandajean said...

whoever wins that box of fabric is going to be one happy camper! don't add my name into the draw, since I already have some lovelies from your stash. (thanks again!)

Sue Cahill said...

Here goes:
1. I make 2 Project Linus quits a month so I'm always on the look out for fabric for quick, easy scrap quilts.
2. I read your blog, like other sewing, quilt blogs, to be inspired and to feel like I'm part of a bigger community of crafters.
I feel like I have lots of friends I haven't met yet but I get to share their lives.
3.My favorite book was The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes, I consider it a must read for all women.
4.Today, on vacation, I strolled through the streets of Middlebury, VT. and stopped at the Ben Franklin and of course bought fabric.
Thanks for the chance at your box of fabric, it would be like Christmas to win it!
Sue Cahill (sbonetsue at yahoo dot com)

grouchy whitecat said...

I'm in the process of whittling down my stash by making quilts for every member of my family, my boyfriends family and some of my friends. I have been making 3 or more quilts a year for my guilds community quilt program, so far this year I have one top done and 2 sets of blocks made. I'm in the long process of moving so I hope to get my quilting machine up and running so that I can get a lot of this done by Christmas. So that's what I'll be doing with the fabric, making quilts to give away.
I just found your blog thru the Quilting Gallery. I'm new to blogging and reading blogs.
I hope to become a regular reader and commentor to my favorites.
I hope to start writing more "how to" articles for my blog, but am spending lots of time packing and moving my stuff into storage. I will be closing on my new house tommorow, then I'll have to clean it out, refinish all the floors,paint every room, fix a bunch of stuff and then move in,so I think my blogging will have to take a back seat for now.
When I was a kid I always had my nose stuck in a book. I loved adventure stories, I read all the Black Stallion books, lots of sci fi, loved Ray Bradbury, The Borrowers, Robinson Crusoe, Swiss Family Robinson, a Wrinkle in Time, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. I know you asked for one book, but I rally can't choose a favorite!
Today I didn't smile a lot, moving boxes down a flight of stairs is NOT fun! I filled an entire 16 ft cargo trailer all by myself. But I did smile when I saw my newest adoptee, a tiger kitty, rolling around on the rug, enjoying herself. She's adapted quite well to our new temporary home. Especially considering that she's living with 2 huge dogs.
Thanks for the givaway, if I win I'll make good use of it making quilts to keep my loved ones and people in need warm. With the price of oil we're all going to be keeping our thermostats turned way down this year!

Jeanne said...

I would use the fabric for charity quilts, Quilts of Valor, The Underground Railroad Shelter and Habitat for Humanity are a few of my favorites. The Quilting Gallery sent me here. I love reading blogs and feel like I'm sewing with a large group of quilters from around the world. I absolutely loved The Boxcar Children. When I my grandchildren started reading them, too, I was thrilled. A bit later, Nancy Drew was my favorite read. Thank you so much for offering the box of possibilities.

Jacquie said...

What will I do with it..well, most likely it will end up in quilts...probably linus quilts.
Why do I read...I can't remember how I found you, but I can tell you why I come back. I find inspiration, humor, and thoughfulness.
My favorite book as a child was The Velvet Room by Zilpha Keatley Snyder. I give it as a gift often. I love to imagine myself in that room. Maybe my sewing room is that same kind of safe place.
My smile came from my son today. He came over for just a minute and had to share two songs his band just recorded. He lit up as he shared them, that made me light up!

Susan said...

I just came by to read your blog. I don't need any more fabric so don't put me on your giveaway list.

I did smile today at the rain that is coming at a nice lazy pace, perfect for watering my little garden and flowers, so I don't have to drag out the hose. I love nature, it steps in just when you need it.

My favourite childhood book? Whew thats a hard one, Treasure Island? Black Beauty, Call of the Wild? Snow White? any fairy tale. There was no ONE favourite, I love them all...

I have put your blog on my rss feed so I shall be back to read again...

fran said...

What would I do with the fabric - make quilts of course, what else?? But first I would spend time touching, feeling and just enjoying the fabric. I came to your site because of the give-away, I'll be honest. But I will return because it looks interesting. Books I read when younger - long, long ago - were the Cherry Ames series and the Nancy Drew series. Still like to go back to them sometimes. I look forward to sharing them with my granddaughter when she is a little older. What made me smile? When I came home from work - that same granddaughter, 4 years old, came in and hugged me saying "Nanna, I'm so glad you're home." Really pulled at the heart strings!

Darrin and Michelle said...

Here are my answers:
1. I am making quilts for Project Linus in my area of PA, so I could always use more fabric to make more quilts.
2. I am always reading other people quilt blog. I go to Quilting Gallery several times a day to search for other people blog to see what people are making these days.
3. I have loved the Ramona series by Judy Blume. I think that is the author name but again it has been many years since I have read her books. I always remember the book "Are you there God, It's me Margaret" also by the same author.
4. What makes me smile is that I can stay home and raise my two young boys age 3 and 1. I know I can provide them the best care I know to give and that DH works hard to provide for us until the kids go into school.

Karen C said...

What a great way to have a giveaway, make us work,it makes reading the other comments interesting.

As for me :-
1:- I would use the fabrics in my grandmothers garden hexgon quilt, it has a life of it's own and will take who knows how long to complete as i just keep adding to it. Just like my grandma's garden it keeps growing.
2. My favourite childhood book is "Snugglepot and Cuddlepie", for those of you who don't know it's an Australian book.
3. I have been reading your blog for about a month now and I love when you show photo's of your quilts, specially the brights.
4. I have just had a call from my gorgeous fiance who tells me he has ordered by engagement ring, now if that wouldn't put a smile on your face what would !!! xoxo

Happy Stitching


Anonymous said...

I would use the fabric to make totebags, pin cushions and various fabric crafts to sell on Etsy. I am on Social Security at a fairly young age and it helps to pad my income for my fabric purchases. I enjoy reading your blog because you have a great variety of things you discuss including family life. Afer awhile you feel like you kind of know the person. My absolute favorite book as a child was 'The Boxcar Children'. I must have read it 20 times! My Quilt Group of 6 met today for stitching, potluck and I so enjoy the Show and Tell and that puts a smile on my face being with such great friends. Yep, that box should be headed in this direction! Ha

Linda said...

I came via the quilting gallery post, but having had a quick look around I'll be back, and not because there's a giveaway. It's nice to connect with other women who aren't ashamed to reveal their faith....
Now to answer the rest of your questions. Quilts, and probably items as giveaways on my blog, I love doing giveaways. It's always so nice to bless others.
Growing up in New Zealand we had the wonderful Enid Blyton books of Noddy and Big Ears, loved them, but I also had a favorite poetry book and at this moment I can't recall the name of it, but my favorite poem was about the little doormouse under a toadstool.
Seeing my husband walk through the door always makes me smile.

Anonymous said...

1. if i s were to win i would attempt my first 2 quilts for my daughters. leftovers or things that didn't match with the quilt theme would be used for my every day appliqueing that i do.
2. i'm always looking for new crafty bloggers and came here through crazy mom's scrap challenge looking for your finished product.
3. i remember reading laura ingalls wilder
4. i've only been awake about 10 minutes, but my 2 year old made me smile when i got him out of bed and he said, "kitty cat lick me in my bed. yucky." the cat was no where near him.

Jackie Russell said...

1.) I will make QOV or children's charity quilts.
2.) O.K. I will admit today is my first time to read your blog but you are now added to my Google reader so I will be checking in from now on.
3.) Anything Beatrice Potter still love it today.
4.)What made m smile? This... How Smart Is Your Right Foot?
Try This. It's Pretty Neat!

Just try this…………It is from an orthopedic surgeon....................
This will boggle your mind and you will keep trying over and over again to see if you can outsmart your right foot, but you can't. It's preprogrammed in your brain!!
1. While sitting where you are, at your desk, in front of your computer, lift your right foot off the floor and make clockwise circles.

2. Now, while doing this, draw the number '6' in the air with your right hand. Your foot will change direction!

I told you so!!!! And there's nothing you can do about it. You and I both know how stupid it is, but before the day is done, you are going to try it again, if you've not already done so.

Carol said...

Good Morning! If I win the fabric I will be using it for my Quilting Ministry at church. Right now we have a mission team who will be permanently living in Mexico. They were telling my group that the women there are so poor that they will wrap their newborn children in rags. Well, we decided we would keep our missionaries supplied with baby quilts for the newborns. Also, when children are dedicated at church they each get a quilt.
It has been such a blessing doing this and the fabric we sew with is from our own stashes. Winning this fabric would help us tremendously and go to a good cause.
I learned of your blog from a give-away notice on Blogger Gallery and just had to check it out.
My favorite books as a child were the Nancy Drew books. The library in town would have summer reading programs and so I would go and participate. Nancy Drew was my hero growing up and my love for mysteries continues today.
Thanks so much for this give away, what a wonderful thing for the lucky winner!

Carol said...

I forgot to answer the last question of what made me smile today.
My boss passed away suddenly Sunday night and this morning when I was thinking how much we miss him I smiled knowing he was with his maker and that I will someday see him again. :D

Fanny said...

I would love to add your stash to mine! I plan on having a stand at our Farmer's Market next summer. I'll spend the months until then building up my inventory!

2.I like reading your blog because you use color in a very different fashion from me and it's so inpsiring!

3. I loved the Hall Family Chronicles when I was a kid.

4. My son, who is always so cheerful when he wakes up.

Thanks for hosting this givewawy!

Catherine said...

I would love to have a chance in your giveaway! I would use the fabric to make quilts for people, doll quilts for a little girl we know, quilter's accessories like needle books, and who knows what else! Maybe some fabric origami too.
I found your blog via another blogger (whose name I now forget -- sorry!) but have already subscribed.
Favourite book when a child? Hard to isolate one as I read voraciously as a child. Maybe Anne of Green Gables, maybe the Nancy Drew series.
The antics of our kitties make me smile every day!

Diana Taylor said...

Wow, it must be hard to get rid of your stash. I am a stash fiend. Can't throw anything out, but tthen I also share with the neighborhood, so it goes one way or the other. Good luck. Diana

Janet said...

Who can resist fabric, especially free fabric. I don't know for sure what I will do with it until I see it, but some will go to make demonstration quilts for my teaching website and some will go in free grab bags for other quilters at our 10th annual Quilts at the Harbour Show in September.
2)Every day I try to sample new blogs and I got your URL through Quilting Gallery. I'll be back!
3)My alltime favourite has been The Secret Garden - read it when I was 6 and several times a year since then and just picked it up among some secondhand books the other day and read it again, and I'm long gone a senior!
I'm smiling this morning at the sun peeping over the treeline across the road and a light breeze beginning to rise.
Fingers crossed!!!
Janet in Nova Scotia, Canada

TLC said...

What a great give-away you are having!
1. When I saw the Moda Marbles I immediately thought Stained Glass quilt. I would love to make another one of those.
2. I just started reading your blog and I enjoyed looking back at your projects.
3. I really liked Nancy Drew
4. The joke my son told me today... Why did the lion cross the road? To get to the other pride. Cute, huh?

Fiesta said...

finding the quilting blogs today made me smile.
if i win i will use the fabrics for the athena project in tampa which houses women veterans in need.
I am bilingual so my favorite books growing up were the ones that had 2 languages.

Rebecca said...

1.I'm working on two picnic quilts right now - one for the kids, one for me and I want as many unique fabrics in them as possible. I also would use some for baby quilts for gifts. 2.I found your blog through the summer stash challenge and I'm always looking for inspiration and quilt ideas. 3.I think I read every Sweet Valley Twin books when I was young. 4. My kids were telling me what makes them happy today - my favorite was "loving our whole family".

Patricia said...

I just found this site through my sisters blog. I just started my own and am having lots of fun. my favorite books as a kid were the little house on the Priaire books. what made me smile today, my 18 year old as he kissed me good-bye this morning on his way to work. He is only at home for a few more weeks and then he's off to collage, my first. Quilting has become a wonderful pasttime for me. I a world of kids and noise it is nice to sit down and quilt peacefully.

luznery64 said...


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