Sunday, July 27, 2008

Charity and Thanksgiving

I'm feeling a little guilty about this charity. Really, I'm cleaning house. I checked off another item from my list by picking up my sewing from Cafe on Main. The following items will be donated to our Parish Carnival. Ok, NOT the table runner they are sitting on but everything else. So if you see something you like, truck on down to the St. Mary's Carnival in September. Don't live in the area? Stay tuned for some mailable giveaways in the upcoming posts. I really mean it....I'm cleaning house. Well, mostly I'm cleaning my stash.Now for the thanksgiving part. I went to the most wonderful family learning conference yesterday. I'm not going to call it a homeschooling conference because that will make you think my children are not going to school. They are. I have the school supplies to prove it. However, my children will ALWAYS be home educated. Just because they are in school doesn't mean we no longer learn at home! I hope my boys will learn all the most important lessons here, with Mom and Dad. They learn to get along with each other in a not-too-big-house. To become independent by helping maintain the house through cooking, laundry and cleaning. They visit with their Nana in the Rehab center. And most importantly, they learn to live by following the teachings of Christ. So I'll always consider my boys "homeschooled" no matter where they are attending school.

I am so thankful for the wonderful speakers yesterday. They really made me think about what I am doing with my family and where I need to be more purposeful. My boys will both be training to be altar servers in September and so I wanted to give them some extra knowledge prior to the training. Some of the books and materials I bought are below. I love books and love to learn and have a hard time staying away from those vendor tables! The adult books were all 1/2 price so I got them all for $16. A bargain. We are going to attempt to write our own Bible School this year and I want to be prepared.

Finally, I was thankful for the time spent with some lovely women who I am so grateful to call my friends. It was much needed time for me. So thank you Michele for putting this on and for all who helped you make this day happen.


amy said...

Yes, it was a great day! I'm so glad you were there and we got to sit with you.

volpecircus said...

oh my goodness, i am going to be staking those out at the carnival!!!

it was so nice to get to spend some time with you yesterday. it has been too long.

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