Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Story Folders

I've been working away like crazy to get myself organized and prepared for my Religious Education class. I don't really have a curriculum to follow but am using lots of different ideas. Since the children in this class have difficulty learning in a typical environment, I am trying to come up with teaching tools that are more visual than would typically be used in a regular religious ed classroom. Knowing that Autistic children are generally very visual, I wanted to give them something to help learn/retain the stories we will be discussing. I will be starting the class with Bible Stories, stories of the saints, the sacraments and the Church. One of the things I've been making have been what I'm calling Story Folders.First I labeled a file folder using stickers. I then had it laminated and put two rows of Velcro across the folder.I then printed out a mini book that I found online and had it laminated as well. I just cut the mini book into rectangles and attached Velcro to the back of each piece. Now each child will have a visual way to practice telling the story of the week. I will send each story home with the child but also keep copies in the classroom for review. This particular mini book about Creation can be found here. There are lots of good ideas on this site. I have also started making my own story cards for the story folder. I'll share some of them as I have a chance.

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