Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A day at home

...by myself. What a luxury. This will happen tomorrow. I spent my evening doing a few errands so I would have some uninterrupted time in the sewing room. I'm not very good at sewing after a day of work and an evening of helping with homework. I want to give out wristlets on Thanksgiving to the gals on my side of the family. They've all had birthdays that I've overlooked (I'm REALLY bad about that). Here are a few that I'm finished with:This is more of that lovely brown and blue fabric. I really like how this turned out. I made this one so that the strap is attached to the zipper. The lining and the strap are made with coordinating blue fabric. I think this is my personal favorite so far. I do love this lotus flower fabric from Amy Butler. You know I'm nuts about red. I lined this one with Olivia dots. I'm having a really hard time giving this one away.Here they are together. I decided to try to line the next ones with flannel. The denim I used was really hard to turn although it makes for a really sturdy bag. I'll try to post more tomorrow.

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