Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Snow Day

Well, I certainly didn't think I'd be posting again so soon. The main reason I blog is to document our life so we can look back on it later. I wanted to document this day because I enjoyed it so much, especially in the midst of what has felt like total craziness.We had snow and ice today which means no school for the boys and mom! Yeah!!! Of course this means we have one less day off in February but I think it was worth while. Nathan decided he wanted waffles for breakfast so I set him to work with the cookbook. He really likes to bake and does a great job. The above pictures show him in action. Nolan made it downstairs in time to eat. I think that was planned on his part. After breakfast we sent Nolan out to shovel and set Nathan to washing the dishes. He definitely likes cooking better than cleaning up, but who doesn't?The boys and I took this opportunity to catch up on some school assignments. Nathan is writing a paper about child labor in Africa. I was glad to have the extra time to help him. He even talked about how nice it was to have a long day to work on it. Writing is not his strong suit so these projects take a really (did I mention REALLY) long time. The hard work always pays off in the end and I've never yet regretting working hard at something.

To add a little fun to our day we took a walk to the local Friendly's for lunch. I thought it was a nice little walk but the boys weren't feeling the same. My boots are a lot better than theirs. Note to self: Get the boys some decent hiking boots.

Nolan curled up after the walk to listen to Artemis Fowl which he just got out of the library yesterday, while Nathan and I continued working on his paper. Once we were brain dead, I retired to the kitchen and started making soup and he headed for the computer for a few rounds of Wheel of Fortune (our new favorite game). Nolan headed outside with his snow board.
There's nothing like a snowy, winter day to get me in the kitchen! Here are some not so great pictures. The first is Minestrone and the second is Senegalese Peanut Soup. I've wanted to make the peanut soup for a long time. It smells delicious and I'm eager to try it. I've got bread for supper and a glass of wine with my name on it. Mike and I are deep into the 6th season of Lost. I have been caught up on my homework for school so I've been allowing myself some tv time at night.All in all this has been a fantastic day.

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amy said...

oh good, I'm glad you had a nice day together. I love snow days!

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