Saturday, January 24, 2009

Where I've been and what I'm doing...

2009 is here already and I just wanted to pop in here to let you know that you won't be seeing or hearing a whole lot of me. Life has really changed since September in lots of ways. I went from a stay-at-home, homeschooling mom to a working-full-time, helping kids with homework, graduate student.

Needless to say, there isn't a whole lot of sewing going on in my life. I have two quilts in progress and I think they'll be in progress for a long time to come. This one is my favorite (sorry about the bad picture). It has been on my design wall for a while and will be there till summer, I'm sure.
Right after the new year I began my journey toward my teaching certification....a journey that will take years and years. I'm only able to take one class at a time due to working and family obligations. It has been a really long time since college and I'm REALLY rusty on reading and paper writing. Thus, everything takes a really long time.
The other reason things take me a long time is that I'm not able to devote my time toward only my schooling. Although the boys are doing well in school, they still require a lot of my time and energy. Nathan will always require a lot of help, especially in writing assignments. The kids are only kids once and I don't plan on missing out on any part of their life if I can help it. My goals for my own life can wait until the kids are adults if need be. Not that parents ever stop parenting but I know that the time we spend now will reap a myriad of benefits later. I'm not missing that opportunity! So....Nathan and I worked tirelessly (ok, actually we were really tired) on his last book project. Here's the grade:
I promised him that once the project was finished we'd take a trip to the setting of his book: Hershey, PA. We had a great time at this new museum. If you live nearby or want a fun vacation destination, Hershey, PA is a great place to visit.
And finally, I'm still teaching a special needs class at church. Making lesson plans takes an inordinate amount of time for me. I've discovered my kiddo likes birds so this week as we begin to learn about the sacraments we're going to make a comfortable nest for this little birdie. The connection? God provided us with our home (the church) and makes us comfortable (His love) using lots of materials (the sacraments). Our Cardinal will be helping us to learn more about God's love and the life of Jesus for the rest of the year.
Well, I'd like to say that's what I'm up to but really there are lots of other things (including cleaning out a house so it can be sold...anybody interested in a fixer-upper?) that I don't really have the time or the inclination to share here. Things are good but different and very, very busy.

Have a great weekend!


volpecircus said...

i know i have said it before but i'll say it are AWESOME! i admire the fact that you have said right from the beginning that your family and what they need come completely first, and your schoolwork comes second. that is so hard to do with so many things in life, even for those of us who are hear all of the time. :)

Hiram said...

guess what - you know the parking garage right behind the new Hershey museum? I helped build that. =)
also, my friend Ken ( is looking for a rental home in Lancaster, or possibly rent-to-own. Not sure if that's what you're looking for.

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