Saturday, August 1, 2009

Laundry detergent, ivy and stag beetles.

We continue to be busy around here. The boys have been helping me eliminate the English Ivy on our property. You can see how excited they are about starting. I took them to see Night at the Museum 2 after all that hard work. I think I know that summer is winding down and I'm trying to get all the projects finished around the house.
Mike finished painting our bedroom and since I just can't bring myself to spend $80 on cellular blinds I went to JAF and bought some fabric today. I want to do something like this. I also need to figure out what to put on the walls. Decisions, decisions. I still can't decide what to put up in the kitchen. I did find this little number today for a nook in the kitchen. I'm not even sure why I like it so much. My mom had a ton of these type of flower vases that I used to look through when I was a kid. Most of them were baby-theme related though.In other news....I finally cooked up some laundry detergent. I'll let you know if it actually works. Nolan wanted to know if I was having fun while making it. I informed him that I found the process enjoyable but not exactly what I'd call fun.
And finally, Nolan informed me that this little gal is a female stag beetle. You can tell by the shorter pinchers. Of course you can.

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