Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Nathan's week

Here we are in the second week of school (which is actually like the 11th week of school if you count everything, which, I guess, I have to). Today is the kind of day I enjoy. The kids worked fairly diligently before lunch which means we had time to head over to the Y and jump on the treadmill. I'm hoping to get there with the boys twice a week if I can. Here's Nathan working on his quilt. This was a project from his FCS class at school that I requested come home. I wanted him to complete the project. He's going to donate it to the Humane League when he's finished. He is easily frustrated about this project (and was at school, too), which is why I really want him to finish it. He tends to give up too easily.After lunch we had a visit from our friendly, neighborhood cat, Fin. We've had a few new cat sightings in the last week but none are very friendly. We love Fin because he just wants some love. He also has extra toes on his paws which is very, very interesting.Have a great day. I'm off to study the tectonic plates.

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