Wednesday, January 27, 2010

It's a lamp thing

On Wednesdays Nolan goes to his old school for PE and stays for lunch with his pals. I have about an hour and fifteen minutes from drop off to pick up. Usually I just go home and see how Nathan is getting along with his work. Some days I head to Target which is about 3 minutes from the school. Today I needed some magazine holders to help in my homeschooling organization (hopefully a post tomorrow or Friday about that) and some acne medicine since we are now entering the hormone laden years (help me Lord). Next to the Target is a Goodwill. So, having some extra time, I stopped by the Goodwill. I bought my dad a never opened 2000 piece puzzle for $1.97 (too much money my mother will say) and an old lamp for $7.97. I thought it would go well with the one I recently fixed. It didn't have a shade and I wasn't sure it would work. With my new lamp fixing skills I figured this wouldn't be a problem. As it turned out, the lamp worked fine and Nolan and I stopped at Home Depot after our volunteer session with PAWS tonight to pick up a shade. I'm pretty happy with the purchase.

In other quilty news, I just finished the quilt for Nolan's piano teacher and his wife. Their baby is due in March. You can see part of it in my new header. It just came out of the dryer all crinkled and warm. There's just about nothing I love better. Pictures soon.

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