Thursday, January 28, 2010

Simple, Modern

One of the extra pleasures of no longer working is the extra energy I have to get back to the things I love. One of those passions is making quilts for friends who are having babies. I just think every baby needs a homemade quilt. I regret that I didn't always have the time and energy to bless every new baby with a quilt!So, here is my newest. It is very simple. I intended to make this differently, but the rocket ship fabric needed to be the focus. I don't know why I have more difficulty making a quilt for a boy. I just do. The fabric selections are more limited for one. So when I stumbled upon this fabric I knew it was right. I machine quilted the whole thing with 100% cotton thread and the batting is 100% cotton as well. I think that is one of the reasons the whole thing is so crinkly. It is very soft as well so baby should be very comfy. This quilt is for Nolan's piano teacher's baby. His teacher (you can check out his web site here) is wonderful. Since the lessons are at his house I've become friends with his wife and two daughters. They are also homeschoolers. His daughters bring a smile to my face every week. I love to listen to their antics and their stories. So I was happy to make this little quilt for their newest member to be born in March. I have quite a few friends at church who are due this summer and I have ideas brewing around in my head for those babies. Two of them read my blog so I won't be able to show pictures for some time but I'll be in the sewing room as much as possible over the next few months.

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Ellen (the cousin) said...

I still put Teddy's quilt on him (the one you made for him) since he's still in his crib. I know one of these days he'll have to get a big boy bed with big blankets. But you're right - every baby needs a quilt, and thank goodness you know how to make them!!

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