Thursday, August 12, 2010

The Innocence Mission or shameless promotion post

Don, Karen and my hubby, Mike trying hard to like photo shoots.
It's funny how often I forget that my husband is a rock and roll superstar. When I first met him the band was in the throws of a record deal with a national label. Mike was at my high school graduation party and when he was asked where he went to school (meaning college...he's 5 years older than I) he responded, "I went to the school of hard knocks." How rock and roll is that??? (If you knew my husband, this was actually just his way of avoiding all the questions about why he quit college to be a musician.)

When we started dating he was just home from recording a new album in New York. Several months after we started dating and falling in love he was off on a cross country tour while I was a college senior trying not to cry my eyes out every night. You should read the letters I wrote to him.....SAPPY! So, we got married and then he left to record another album. I have a special fondness for Glow. It was the album that happened while we were dating, got married and through till Nathan was born. So much of our early life together.

I start to forget that not everyone has multiple guitars and a giant amplifier in their living room. That most people do not decorate their dining rooms around a double bass. That when cleaning out the basement, most wives don't have to ask their husband if he plans on using the giant, metal, foam-filled guitar flight case in the future or can we get rid of it? It is just such a part of life.

Mike doesn't tour the country anymore (although I think he'd probably like to do it one more time). He'll be the first to tell you how unglamorous it is. He'll be the last to tell you that the band has been on the David Letterman show and NPR. He's the most un-rock star like person you'll ever meet. I couldn't have married him otherwise. So, maybe he isn't quite the rock superstar I make him out to be, but I love the music and think everyone should, too.

Here's the new record, My Room in the Trees. Mike is the bass player. He likes to stay in the background. Karen and Don are great friends and write terrific music. You couldn't meet more lovely people if you went out searching. That shows in the music. Click here for a free mp3 download of one of the new songs. Click here for the official web site. Now, go out and buy the CD. You'll be happy you did.


volpecircus said...

What a terrific post about an even more terrific trio of people. :) I love The Innocence Mission and I love Mike, Don and Karen even more. Their humility is inspiring. The album is already on my birthday/xmas list.

Anonymous said...

Very special people from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Beautiful People ...Beautiful Music. So thankful for them. God's Grace, Mercy and Peace be multiplied.
Thank you for making my life brighter,

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