Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Love, Wednesday style.

Sometimes I get in one of those reflective moods. It could be that I've been having trouble sleeping lately. So, I'm up at 3 am. I've been watching movies like Man on Wire and Peggy Sue Got Married. The other week I watched It Could Happen to You. I do love Nicolas Cage. Anyway, perhaps it is a lack of sleep, perhaps it is decision making (I was offered that job and turned it down), perhaps it is hormonal. Who knows. But, I've been reflective. So here are a few photographs of things I am loving.

I just adore Black Eyed Susans. I wish I knew the Susan these were named after. She must have worn some terrific skirts. I'd love a bright and cheery skirt that flows and twirls like these. I imagine Susan had dark hair and eyes that sparkled when she laughed. I wait impatiently for these to bloom every summer. These and the daisies. Love.

Ok, who can resist these little prairie dogs? When I was reading My Antonia, Willa Cather refered to the dog colony. It took me a while to realize she was referring to these little guys. I just love this picture because these guys seem to be pals just hanging out together, having a snack, best buddies. What do you think they were chatting about? Were they eyeing up the cute new lady dog or taking a rest after digging a particularly difficult hole? Almost like construction workers on a break. We watched them for a long time.
Double love in the above photo. Nolan concocted a batch of homemade vanilla heath ice cream a few weeks ago. It was DELICIOUS. The double love here is for the ice cream and the bowls. I found them at a consignment shop a few years ago. So much fun.

And last but certainly not least are roses that actually smell like roses. It looks like these are somewhat blighted (guess I should take care of that). They aren't the most beautiful roses in my yard but they are the only ones with a scent. And oh, what a scent. I wish the internet was scratch and sniff. 

Here's hoping you find many things to love on this Wednesday morning. I'd love to hear all about it.

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