Monday, January 24, 2011


 I'm obsessed with my kitchen. Re-doing and painting and maybe even getting new counter top and sink obsessed. In all of our other houses I never quite did exactly what I wanted, always skimping in some way. Well, I've always regretted it and have decided to make my kitchen what I want (while still staying in budget). Our house was built in the 50's and so I'm trying to stay with that theme. I ripped out the doors that were covering the spice shelves. They were obviously added at some point and I hated the doors. You can see by the picture below that I had to rip off a piece of wood to reveal the original shelving. It curves at the bottom which I love but you can't see in this photo.

The photo above shows one of the four handkerchief's I bought to make the curtains. I really wanted vintage linens to use in the kitchen. Since I like to appliqué, I thought it was apropos to use a vintage appliquéd handkerchief to make the curtain. I thought it was historical that when shopping I met up with our piano tuner whose wife happened to have the one shop that had vintage linen. I love that kind of connectivity.

 So I pondered a bit about how to make the curtain. Finally I came up with cutting out the appliqué and sewing them in diamond formation. The red polka dots are from my design wall. I just love that color red. I'm planning on painting the rear of the shelves pink and the rest of the cabinets and shelves a milky white. 
I know, I know, most people paint first and make curtains second. Well, not me. I hate to paint and it takes up so much time. Sewing on the other hand is generally joyous and can be completed in a fraction of the time. I'm hoping to get the paint this week and start on these shelves. I bought some really great vintage strawberry tea towels off etsy this week. They came today. I'm pondering how to make them into cafe curtains for the door that leads into the sun-room. This kitchen re-do is so much fun.

Wait till I show you the hardware I bought yesterday!

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