Saturday, February 26, 2011

Again with the kitchen redo.

Chloe. Being, well, Chloe. 
 Ok, the cat photo has nothing to do with the kitchen redo. She's darn cute, though, so I had to add her in. Mike's been diligently working on the kitchen. He'd be done with the cabinets except he somehow missed one drawer. But, he is finished enough that I was able to move back into my sewing room. I gave it a good cleaning, too, which it needed.
 You can see by these two pictures that our sunroom is uninhabitable. This was actually taken after I put a lot of the kitchen appliances and cake pans and pots and cookie cutters, etc. away. It's the storm before the calm. Our goal is to have the kitchen put in order by Nathan's confirmation which is two weeks from tomorrow. We'll be there.

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