Tuesday, February 22, 2011

From the Stash

Three bibs and a little frog
At church, I've joined the choir. I was unable to be in choir when Nathan was homeschooled because choir practice coincided with his orchestra practice. Since my husband is the organist at church he sort of needs to be at practice so I would take Nathan to orchestra. Now that Nathan is back at school, I was able to join the choir.
Front of one bib. Rocket ship fabric from a quilt I made a year or so ago.
Choir is such a simple thing, yet so powerful. Singing brings a joy to my life that I can't quite explain. It's a way to pray, for me. Singing brings part of my soul to the forefront. So I am very happy to be back singing with the choir.
Back of rocket ship bib. Flannel scrap from a quilt.
The other bonus to choir is the people. Choir people are just different than other people. And I mean that is the best of ways. Choir is a community. We laugh and cry together. We're there for each other. 
Close up of the snap closure. I'm getting better at adding snaps and grommets these days.
At choir we have a baby. Well, two of our members had a baby last year and he comes to all the practices! He will be baptized on Sunday and they asked the choir to sing. We, of course, were thrilled. So, I needed a little present. I went to the stash. I made three bibs and a little stuffed frog. Nothing elaborate but sweet just the same.

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