Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Lancaster Creative Re-use

I love a bargain. I also hate to waste things. So you can imagine my delight when a friend told me about the Lancaster Creative Re-Use store. Now, she told me they had used craft supplies that are donated and resold on the cheap. That was good. I sometimes need craft supplies, but not too often. Then I went to their web site and saw that they have....


Ok, I'm hooked. 

Our youth leader at church recently put out the call for door prizes and baskets to be auctioned or for our basket bingo. These events will help fund our youth group on their trip to South Dakota. I thought I'd make a dress up basket and mozied on down to the Re-Use. Here's my haul.
And all for under $20. I've been slowly working away on the items for the basket. The difficulty lies in the fact that my darling husband has taken over my sewing room in order to paint our kitchen cabinet doors. So I've moved my sewing gear to the living room and the dinning room. I've come to appreciate those women who sew without a dedicated space. I've also come to appreciate my tiny sewing room. I love our small house and wouldn't trade it for the world but at times like these the house gets a *little* more cluttered than I like. I'll live.
Here are the photos of what I made yesterday. A princess hat just like I always wanted (but never had) when I was little. The bag is lined in satin and has a pretty print to show off. Notice the grommets. I'm getting good at attaching those things. I better watch my pride in my grommet attaching skills or the next time I go to grommet, it'll be a disaster.
Well, there will be more for your princess coming soon. If you are a St. Mary's sure to watch for this basket of fun at one of the upcoming events. It could be yours!


Anonymous said...

Beth, these are perfectly pink playthings that any princess could role-play for hours. Nicely done! SAS

volpecircus said...

oh, sew cute! (wow, i'm a pun nerd this morning) gianna would love those beautiful dress up items. i have fabric in the basement for stuff to make for her but time is never on my side it seams (ha, there i go again). i will definitely be keeping an eye (like the needle kind, but unfortunately it's not spelled differently) for that basket at st. mary's events. and i think a trip to that store should be in my near future. :)

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