Friday, February 18, 2011

The Juice-O-Mat

I do love the 50's. Everything made out of one kind of metal or another. Manufacturer's working to make the life of the housewife easier. Of course they profited from the purchase of all of these labor saving devices!

Many, many years ago I purchased this little juicer at a garage sale. I'm sorry to say it spent quite a bit of time in a box in my basement and I almost gave it to Goodwill more than once in one of my de-cluttering frenzies. Fortunately, I didn't purge this gem and fortunately, it's stint in a humid basement didn't harm it too much. 

We had some lovely friends over for dinner last week and I made herb marinated pork loin from Ina Garten. Let me just say that it was delish! I really need to purchase these cookbooks instead of constantly getting them out of the library. Anyway....

The recipe called for lemon juice and so I got the old trusty Juice-O-Mat out and juiced to my heart's content. It is easy to clean and easy to use. 

It also looks great in my 1950's kitchen! If you are in the market for one, check out this Ebay link.

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