Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Becoming a Young Man

I can hardly believe that handsome young man is my son. Seems like just yesterday I was dressing him in his baptismal gown. Everyone always tells you that time flies and I think most young mothers are sick of hearing it. Well, it is true. You blink and they are teenagers. Of course, everyday didn't pass by that quickly, just the years! Well, Nathan celebrated his Confirmation on March 12th with a beautiful Mass given by our newly installed Bishop McFadden. 
Here you can see Nathan and the bishop. I love the crozier (the shephard's crook-like thing). This is one bishop I am glad is leading our diocese. His homily was amazing. Nathan picked St. Martin dePorres as his Confirmation name. St. Martin dePorres was a humble man who did great good and loved all. Just like my Nathan.
Nathan enjoyed reading every word of every card. He reminded me of his DadDad in that respect. 
A few days prior to Confirmation, Nathan turned 15. I need to stop saying I can't believe he's that old, but I really can't believe it. We are so proud of the young man he has become. Above you can see the pillow case I made for his bed. When I asked him if he liked it he said,"I don't just like it, Mom, I LOVE it!" How sweet is that?
Here's the cake Nolan decorated for Nathan. I think that thing is called a one-up mushroom but don't quote me on it. Nolan spent quite a lot of time counting out the mini M&M's and organizing them on the cake. Of course we had to have pizza from our favorite pizza shop, Jr.'s. All in all it was a wonderful day for a wonderful teen. We love you Nathan and are so thrilled with who you are becoming!

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