Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Market Bag for a Worthy Cause

I'm a sucker for a worthy cause. Maybe I shouldn't say that too loud but it's true. Arch Street Center is one of those causes I deem worthy. They do so much good in our city and have been hit hard by the economy in recent years. Every year they have a fund raiser which includes a fish bowl raffle and silent auction. I wanted to donate something to the cause and thought a market bag would fit the bill.
I modified a tutorial I found on Sew Mama Sew! It was originally for a garden tote. The size was just what I was looking for but not all the pockets and handles. The tote is quilted for durability.
Inside I added a removable zipper pouch for money, change, cell phone, lip balm, parking stub, whatever you might need while at market. I was vastly disappointed that I couldn't find my pouch hardware. I had to substitute hardware of lesser quality. Growl.
I also sewed up some little produce bags. I used muslin and some scrap fabrics to "cute them up." Wow, that's some bad grammar!
Here you can see that the bag really holds a lot. I've got onions and three kinds of fruit in the little bags.
Although tiny, the little pouch is mighty. I've got bills, my cell and lip balm inside with room to spare.
Just a sample of all you can put in the produce bags. I'm itching to make some for myself.
I made them using french seams. This is the first time I've made french seams and I'm in love with the process. Especially for something like these little food bags since most people don't want threads attached to their food. French seams are totally enclosed which eliminates the little threads that are inevitable on cut fabric and tidy up the inside of the bag. My mother would be proud.

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volpecircus said...

what a beautiful bag!

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