Thursday, June 9, 2011

CSA Bounty

 Today was the first CSA pickup! Yeah! We have been eagerly awaiting the local garden bounty. Mike and I hesitated for a long time to join a CSA because we tend to eat the same veggies over and over. We just weren't sure that we would eat the vegetables that we had paid for. Recently, we have been doing a lot of reading about food and changing our food buying and food eating habits. That includes trying new things and eating seasonally. So, we went ahead and joined Goodwill at Homefield Farms.  

Here's the bounty we received. While Mike and I gathered our goods in the barn, the boys went out to the strawberry field to pick our box. They've really enjoyed being on the farm and getting to pick their own food. Homefields has several gardens that are for the shareholders to pick themselves. I love that, especially for the boys. There's certainly no fresher food than the food you pick yourself.

As you can see we had lettuce and garlic scape, chard, bok choy, strawberries and kale. It was the kale that worried me a little. I've never eaten it. None of us ever did. 
 Here you can see what I did with it. I chopped the firmer veggies and sautéed them first (onion, bok choy, garlic scape) and then added the kale. I used sesame oil which adds a little flavor to the dish. After the whole thing wilted, I added some fresh ground salt and pepper.

Mike was grilling burgers while I was dealing with the veggies. You can see my plate full above. Now, I'll admit, these veggies aren't much to look at but WOW were they delicious. I'm looking forward to making it again another night.
Here's the best dessert of all. Fresh strawberries and blueberries. I bought the blueberries at market on Tues. and I can't imagine they are local but they were delicious with the strawberries. Now I have a hankering for a berry smoothie for breakfast. Yum. 

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