Saturday, June 11, 2011

Friendship Mosaic

This is a diamond ring that was created by an elderly lady that Connie worked with at a hospital day program. Isn't it wonderful?
My dear friend, Connie, had a great idea. She loves to create tile mosaics and has saved broken dishes, mugs, mirrors, etc. for years. She recently put all of her mosaic tools into her basement in the hopes that it would inspire her to be creative. Last week, she sent out an email inviting a slew of friends to come and help her use her supplies. She thought it would inspire her to actually work on her projects and also start eliminating much of the accumulated tiles. Isn't that sweet?
Connie is showing one of the many handles she's collected. She wants to work them into something but she's still thinking of ideas.
 So on Thursday night three of us gathered in Connie's basement to check things out. Connie, Sue and I all work full time but also want to continue to be creative and spend time with our friends. This was a great way to accomplish all three! We spent most of the evening just seeing what was there, checking out books for ideas and chatting.
This is just one area of about 5 areas of supplies that Connie has collected through the years.
 Connie has been such an inspiration to me over the years. She is so creative and thoughtful. I want to do a post about her house sometime. She and her husband bought a big old beautiful house in the city and have done an amazing job of fixing it up. It is still a work in progress but what they have accomplished is astonishing. Her decorating style is just pure eye candy. You've got to see it (guess I should get over there with my camera sometime.....right Connie?)
Here's my first attempt. I got to smash this plate shard into smaller pieces. I definitely like smashing things.
It is Connie's hope that we can spend many Thursdays together over the summer creating mosaics. I'm going to start by making a stepping stone for the garden. I'm not generally very artistic so I'm not sure mosaics will be my "thing" but I love trying something new, spending time with friends and in doing so, helping others accomplish something, too.
A pot that Sue made in the past. Isn't it sweet? Just so you know, Sue is incredibly sweet, too!
Thanks, Connie! You're the best.

1 comment:

Connie said...

Yes, Sue is sweet!!!
I’ve often thought of starting a blog, but I can see with Blogging Beth as my friend, I can check that off my To Do List!
I love the idea of creating together and it is exciting and freeing for me to share my materials and space, particularly as I have more than enough of both! You have been wonderful model of generous creativity to me.
Sue’s daughter Claire, is my daughter Hannah’s friend. She and Hannah came after you left. It was fun to see our different styles. You and Claire just jumped right in and got started. The creative energy was contagious and it got hard to stop, but… as the alarm clock to get up for work was going to go off soon, we pulled ourselves away. I’ve been itching to get back since. Love that feeling!

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