Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Money Matters....coffee edition

We buy expensive coffee. My mother would be horrified at the price we pay per pound for the coffee we drink. In the past I would often buy a cup of coffee at the book store or on my way to work. Recently, I've stopped doing that. I'll make an extra 1/2 pot instead. Mike and I have started buying coffee that's been locally roasted. That makes it about $11 per pound. This is the best coffee I've drunk. Ever. So I did the math on my way back to work after lunch (when I made myself another mug full of coffee).

This is approximate but to be honest I think I'm figuring high. A bag lasts us a little more than a week but I'm going with one bag per week. Understand that Mike and I LOVE our coffee.

$11=one bag of coffee
one bag of coffee=1 week of coffee making
1 day of coffee making=5 mugs full (not cups, mugs)
5 mugs x 7 days= 35 mugs of coffee
$11/35 mugs = approx $.32 per mug. Much better than the $2 I'd spend at the coffee shop.

Like I said, the coffee actually lasts us longer than that so we're probably paying a bit less.

Savings by making the mug at home instead of the coffee shop = $1.68

Money Matters, even when you are buying good quality.

**Thanks to Ellen for showing me the error of my math (I fixed it). That'll teach me to do math problems in the car and not double check my answer when I'm blogging!***


Ellen said...

I think it's $.32 per mug, not $.22, but still...that's very good. Enjoy!!

volpecircus said...

wow! that's great! definitely alot cheaper and how great to support local. :)

Anonymous said...

It's SO much cheaper to make coffee at home! Also, I'll only buy fair trade coffee now and yes it's more expensive too.

How do you brew your coffee? I like french press.

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