Friday, June 17, 2011

Pal Toy-d How To Part I

I started my venture of Pal Toy-ds with five empty Altoid's tins. I have one left. I thought the best use of that tin was a tutorial. This is a craft that can be as complicated or as simple as you want it to be. I think it's a great project for kids to fill their summer days. I use my sewing machine for most parts of the project, put if you have someone learning to sew, this project can certainly be modified to be completely glued and hand sewed.

Today's tutorial will show how to decorate the outside of the tin.
 First, here's a list of the supplies you will need. Again, these are just my suggestions. You can use whatever suits you.

  • Altoid's tin (cleaned, preferably)
  • fabric scraps in different patterns (or not, as you like)
  • felt scraps, two at least as large as your tin top
  • batting scraps (or you can use felt or an old blanket)
  • wallpaper (or construction paper or fabric scraps)
  • embroidery floss (or you could just draw on the features of your Pal Toy-d with a marker)
  • Ric Rac or ribbon
  • flannel scraps (again, this is up to you. I use flannel for the pillow and blanket)
  • chop stick (to turn things)
  • poly fil
  • glue
  • stickers

 Personally, I find it helpful to have a cat on the table for company and good cheer. Obviously this is up to your tastes.
 Step 1:  Trace the the bottom of your tin onto a piece of felt. I like to use Wool felt but craft felt will also work. It just doesn't hold up as nicely. Then again, it costs WAY less!
 Step 2: Trace the top of the tin. Please note that they are slightly different sizes.

 Step 3: Cut (bet you didn't know that was next, did you????)
 Step 4: Just place the pieces on top and bottom and trim anything that is really obviously hanging over the edge.
 Step 5: Decorate the top felt piece. I had some felt circles from another project. I placed them as I liked. You can decorate the top anyway you like. If you are more artistic than I am you can come up with some amazing ideas.
 Step 6: Sew in random pattern making sure to go through all decorative pieces. I like to start with a very short stitch and then lengthen it after a few stitches. That helps to keep the thread from unraveling but yet isn't as obvious as back stitching. what makes most sense to you.
Here you can see how my randomness worked out.
 Step 7: apply glue to top of lid. I just spread it evenly with my finger.
 Step 8: Add the ric rac piece. Make sure whatever you use is fairly flat. Ribbon would work will too.
 Step 9: Place the top piece of felt over the glue and press down.
Step 10: Repeat with the bottom. Glue, Ric Rac and felt. Let the glue dry and you have the outside of your tin completed!

Come on back tomorrow to see how to fix up the inside of the tin!

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