Saturday, June 4, 2011


We loved this little hen that welcomed us to the farm with some gentle clucking.
It's so nice of the weekend to show up every five days. It's only Saturday afternoon and I've already had a fantastic weekend. Last night Mike and I went to First Friday where we tasted delicious gourmet flat bread pizzas, met up with friends and shopped at Creative Reuse, met up with another friend and her daughter who have taken the plunge and rented space at Building Character (go Amy and Annie!) and sat down with yet another friend for a glass of wine while listening to my very talented husband play some groovy jazz. I didn't get home until almost midnight. 
One of my fabulous purchases from Creative Re-use. Silver spoons. We constantly lose spoons so to get beautiful ones like this for $1 was a bargain!
This morning I awoke with the sun (because I have no choice, my body doesn't know you can sleep if the sun is up). It being several hours prior to any other being (ok, the cats were up) in my homestead lifting their heavy eye lids, I spent a few hours sewing. The quilt blocks are arriving on the design board slowly but surely. Once a decent hour arrived, I woke the men and we traversed to the first CSA pick up of the summer: strawberry picking. Since we only paid for a 1/2 share, we could only pick one box. It was a great introduction to the farm. We walked up and down the fields after picking our berries to see if we could recognize what else was growing. I think I could identify almost everything. Our official pickup starts on Thursday. I hope to share our bounty here if I can find the time. It was a lovely morning to be out picking. The berries are small but have a powerful flavor! I haven't tasted berries this good in so long. It is truly a wonderful thing to taste something that only arrives one month out of the year. It's worth the wait.
The best strawberries ever. The photo (taken from my iPod touch) doesn't do them justice.
Tonight the boys and I will head to a ballgame and tomorrow is our Parish picnic which is always a great time. Then I have to wait five more days until the weekend comes again!

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