Monday, July 18, 2011

Sew It Up

After selling a cute Fisher Price Merry Go Round I had to get out my Little People. I'm thinking of adding this baby to a business card.
 I've been doing quite a bit of thinking about my little (and I mean VERY little) sewing business. I don't have a ton of time to focus on too many options. There's the Building Character option.
Newest table runner quilt made from left over blocks.
 On the one hand I LOVE the idea of having my own space there. It is such a great spot on a great street in our fair city. I can just see my quilts hanging and draping and folded on a vintage table. Right now I have some items at a friend's space to "check it out."
I just love this red embroidery thread. On the spool it looks pink but with the red fabric it looks more red.
 Another option is my etsy shop. I've sold some things there in the past. I love etsy, too. It's conveniently located on my computer so I can go there at any hour of the day or night. Etsy is also overloaded with shops. That's good and bad. Good because you really can find some amazing things. Bad because my own things can get buried pretty quickly. On the other hand, etsy does work to help you build your business. They have video and chat and conferences galore. I like that.
I'm in love with this cherry backing fabric. I found it at Joanne Fabrics and ended up buying the end of the bolt. It cheers me up!
So, for now, I'm both places. I've got a few things at BC. It's enough to see if anything will sell. I'm not sure it is the place for my wares. The overhead is VERY steep. That's another good thing aboug etsy. It isn't too pricey. For example, I just sold a vintage toy for $45. Total taken by etsy was $1.78. If I had sold the same thing at BC the total cost taken by BC would have been $7-$9 depending if the person paid with cash or VISA. And that doesn't include your monthly rent. Of course, I wouldn't have the hassle of shipping or of storing items. So, what to do? 

For now, I'm staying the course. Keeping my options open. Seeing how things go. Speaking of go, I'd better get going to work.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Beth...good post. I'd stick to Etsy and just leave little trails everywhere. It is hard as there are sooo many shops, but in time I'm sure you will build a small group of buyers and word of mouth is great. I can recommend this book too " The Handmade Marketplace" by Kari Chapin it is excellent.

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