Friday, August 26, 2011

Comparison Gardening

Well, here you can see our Square Foot Garden on the day of planting last Wed. and just over one week later. I love being able to see results that fast! I spent the afternoon in the back yard working on the weeds and in the sunroom deep cleaning, purging and rearranging.

The boys (all three) are at a ball game tonight so I think I'll get some take out (I also cleaned the kitchen and I hate to make it dirty again) and finish going through the "stuff" I pulled out of the sunroom. My main goal is to organize my recipes. Might have to pop in a movie while I'm working! I love having time off on a day that I'd usually be at work. I got so much done and still have a whole Saturday! Of course it's supposed to be a rainy one so I may spend some time in the sewing room. Have a good weekend. Stay clear of Hurricane Irene.

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