Wednesday, September 14, 2011

A New Voyage

I have found my life in the last year to be a journey of unknown destination. Just when I thought I knew what I was about, I found a log in the stream and had to meander around it. It's happened many times in my life and I should think by now I would be used to the journey. Alas, I am not. 

This journey of mine is mountainous. It is full of tough climbs and days without sustenance. Ok, I'm being dramatic, but that's who I am. Really, my life is wonderful. It is just that I find these changes to be difficult, not bad, not wholly unwelcome, but difficult. My identity is being challenged. 

So I won't be visiting this blog nearly as much as I want. It isn't the first time. My boys are teenagers. I'm working a full-time job. My life consists of packing lunches, getting in a short walk after the boys leave for school, working, picking up Nathan from Cross Country, Dinner, homework and taking Nolan swimming. There is little time for the other things I enjoy.

Which is fine for now. This is one part of my life. I will never regret packing up my sewing room so I can focus on my boys and their needs. Someday they will be independent young men and I will wonder where all my free time came from. I can make quilts at that time. 

So for now there is little time to write, to take superfluous photographs. I'll do it as I have time and as I have desire. My life is full, it just won't be internet worthy!

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