Saturday, September 3, 2011

Simply Garden

Is what I really should call this blog these days. I guess it's like anything obsess over it for a while until it becomes old hat. I did actually spend some time in the sewing room yesterday. I have a mini quilt in the works. It's stumping me a bit so I've had to walk away and come back and walk away to think over it. That's good creative processing I think.
Today's post is really about failure. We love sweet red peppers and have gotten tons of them from our CSA. I have tried and tried for years to grow them to no avail. All I get is a small green pepper that starts to rot. I'm thinking I've not given my plant the proper personal space to grow well. Next year I plan to grow them in my square foot garden. If they don't grow that way I think I'll give up!

I've been freezing our CSA peppers for the winter. Yesterday I seeded and sliced about 8, laid them on a tray in the freezer and then transfered them to a plastic freezer bag once they were frozen. I have about 8 more to do as well as wanting to freeze some of my tomatoes that way. I peel, slice and freeze them on a tray and then transfer to a bag. I loved pulling them out for soups and recipes last winter.

Happy Labor day. Nolan tells us this is his favorite holiday because, despite the name, on Labor day you do no labor. Have a good one, folks.

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