Saturday, October 22, 2011

Living the Moment

I've always loved seeing mushroom on a tree like this. I like to think they are stairs for little gnomes who live in the trees.
Lately I've been doing a lot of thinking. For so much of a mother's life, we think and plan and work for the good of our family. I think we often forget that we are part of that family. We give of ourselves without asking for much back. We forget, however, that if we feel depleted, we have little left to give. The family is then unbalanced.

When I was home, I was able to find a little time for myself. Or rather, being a homemaker fulfilled me. Now that Mike is home and I am working, my sense of identity has really been shaken. I'm searching for it.

So I think I'm on a journey of some sort. Perhaps all people who have such drastic changes go through this type of self reflection. 

One thing I've come to slowly realize is that I need to be more mindful of every moment. The little pleasures in my day like the shape of the clouds as I drive to work, the birds who gather in our yard as I eat my lunch, the snatches of small talk I have with my teens as we drive here or there. I am striving to enjoy them all. To take my time as I sweep the floor or tear out basement walls. Really, to be thankful.

To live a life of gratitude with joy is my aim. It may be the hardest goal I've set for myself. I think in the journey I'll discover myself again. 

What will you discover today?

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