Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sewing a Goodbye

Here's my stacked coins quilt top. The coins don't match up. As long as you don't lay the quilt out straight you can't tell. Oh my.

Sewing always gives me time to think. What I've been thinking is that I'm not sure my sewing has any purpose and is taking up time, money and space in my life and my house. So I've made some hard decisions. I've decided to give up my sewing room for good to the computer. There is just no good reason to keep sewing. I've got no one who wants my quilts and my kids are too old to make things for. Nolan even told me today that if he was in a play or musical he didn't care if I helped with costumes. It just didn't matter to him. I guess that made me realize that I have other more important things to do.

So, I'm going to try to use up my stash. I'll make baby quilts and put them away for the odd baby that comes along. When the stash is low I'll give it to Lancaster Creative Reuse. The boxes will be gone and my sewing room will be rededicated to school work and Mike's music. It is right, it is good. 

I doubt this blog will last beyond the boxes of fabric. I'll share my last few quilts here and I'll be glad that I've spent the last few years chronicling our life in this way. I guess every mother has her moment when her life changes and she has to give up who she thought she was. It's hard to say goodbye to yourself but I guess that's an important part of mothering....knowing when it's time to say goodbye to the person you thought you were and taking on the role that others need from you.

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Kedren said...

I can't help but think about your quilting as art and you as an artist. I know the true artists in my life don't produce for others, but only truly for their own edification and mostly because they can't help themselves. Even when it isn't smart or useful or saleable, they produce because they might explode if they don't. Just one thing to consider if you start getting itchy. I would likely be off the rails if not for knitting and writing short stories (none of which anyone finds useful or even good). But, maybe you are ready to move onto other forms of art?
And furthermore, if you don't keep up your blog, I will have no reason to have a computer.

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