Friday, December 30, 2011

The Sewing List

This is the first of several lists I have going right now.

Curtains for the basement
Quilts for Marshall (finished Dec. 30th)
Long Skirt (finished Dec. 31)
Jacket from Sew Simplicity
Hour Glass Quilt
Hiking Bag
Quilt for my niece's wedding

As you can see I already finished one project. I believe it's motivating to start your list with something that's already accomplished. And I'm sticking with that idea. I have most of the fabric for everything on this list. My goal is to continue to be thrifty with my sewing, using what I have and only purchasing when necessary. I don't have too many plans for sewing in the new year. I've got some other lists that I'd like to make a priority.

In other completely unrelated news, we're having duck for dinner. We've been saving this little guy in the freezer for just the right opportunity. Since it takes about 4 hours to roast and I have off today, we thought this might be a good day to do it.

Happy 2nd to last day of 2011 to you all. 

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