Friday, March 30, 2012

7 Day Garden Challenge. Ahead of schedule.

The above photos were taken in our neighborhood today. I do love tulips and grape hyacinth and bleeding heart and all the others, some of which I don't even know the name of. I'm thinking I'd love to have a bush with the red berries because I'm sure it draws lots of birds which I love. I can't get enough of the bird sounds in the morning and evening. I really want to learn to identify them by their sound because they are often so hard to see. 

I've been in the yard every day except yesterday. I got everything that I planned accomplished. Shoveling truck loads of mulch is more exhausting than I remembered. I guess it's like child birth: You love what you get after it's all over so you forget how hard it was to get there! Ok, that is a really bad analogy but I am thrilled with the way a nicely mulched bed looks. It's so good for the soil, too. That was evident when I edged the beds close to the sunroom. The soil there had never been mulched well and it was dried out and dead looking. I'm hoping the leaf compost and mulch will help bring it back around.

Mike and I were fortunate to be invited to a little radio concert this morning at a local Christian station where we know quite a few of the staff. It was a lovely morning. The young performer had some really amazing words of wisdom that I know I needed to hear. I'm sure God is sending her out to plant quite a few seeds. It's always amazing to see how He works. His plans are always so much better than mine!

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