Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Seven Day Garden Challenge

 No, I'm not planning on challenging myself every week! But it is nice to focus on one area for a week so I've given myself another Seven Day Challenge. This week I thought about focusing on exercise since it is an area with which I've never been particularly consistent. My very healthy husband has been using simplefit for a while and can't speak highly enough of it. When I quit my job we had to cut back financially and the gym membership was one of the casualties. Mike bought a chin up bar and has been using the simplefit training plan much to his pleasure. He would like  me to try it and I've really thought about making it this week's challenge. After really mulling it over I have decided not to do it. I still may someday but not now. I would like to increase my exercise but know that the best way for me is to work it into my everyday routine. Since our back yard beds need quite a bit of work and mulching, I'm planning to get some good arm workouts that way. I'm also hoping to get my bike into shape (it's an old 10-speed) and try to bike the places I can instead of hopping into the car.

So I'm not officially saying exercise is my challenge but I'm going to try to be more mindful of it. Officially I'm going to be planning my gardens, planting what I can, weeding what I must and mulching, mulching, mulching! 

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