Monday, March 26, 2012

Seven Day Garden Challenge - Day Two

Day two of my garden challenge. Yesterday I mostly thought about my garden and what I was planning to do today. Today was very busy. I had quite a list of things to get done including clean my house and read for school but I was able to get those two things accomplished by 10 am so I could hoof it out to the garden center.

Today I planted my blueberry bushes and my strawberry patch. I went back and forth about which fruits to plant and was actually going to plant raspberries but then I realized the trellis they would need would be one more expense and so I decided against them. I was happy to find out that heather is acid loving like blue berries so I planted some in the same bed. It's such a sad thing to purchase, plant and mulch and to see such a straggly looking bed. I know that blueberry bushes fill out to around 5 feet and the heather will also spread so I did the right thing. It just looks so naked! On a positive note, I did find a bleeding heart growing in that bed so I moved it to a better spot. My bleeding hearts always did wonderfully in that bed so I am glad one survived the great bamboo unearthing.

I also bought my herbs and the above annuals for the bed. I just love those pink flowers. They look like they belong in a Dr. Seuss book. I'm planning on planting them along my rear flower garden so we can enjoy them from the sun room.

The last thing I accomplished (with the help of my hubby) was to start mulching around our garden boxes. I want to mulch a circle around them so we don't have to deal with the grass. My boys cut our lawn but they aren't so good at edging. I didn't want to use the weed-wacker near the garden boxes because I was afraid it would start to tear apart the wood over time.

We used one truckload of mulch (good thing we get it for $5) and I think one more truckload will do it. I guess I'll have to add some kind of edge to make it easier to mow around. That's tomorrow's project. Right now I'm bushed but still have a few things to finish. Happy Spring!

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