Friday, May 11, 2012

Friday Photo Notes

Mike and I enjoyed a Friday morning at the Landis Valley Herb and Garden Faire. We bought lots of sweet and hot peppers and some eggplant and squash for the garden. It was a beautiful morning to spend out of doors.
You can see some of our heirloom peppers.
I promised Nolan he could make some homemade pasta tonight. The dough had to sit for 30 minutes.
Of course, what is homemade pasta without homemade sauce? We used the last of Nolan's 2011 sauce for his Confirmation party. This sauce was made from scratch but with canned tomatoes. Nolan's Secret Hobo Spices added just the right flavors. Yum!
This is my herb planter. We've started using the herbs already. Oregano and basil were added to the sauce tonight.
Here's garden box number three. I love the little baby lettuce. My sugar peas are growing like crazy! I added a little chicken wire support for them this morning.
Have a wonderful weekend and happy Mother's Day to all you moms!

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