Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Gardening and Quilting

 These red beets look a little larger in this photograph than they were in real life. They were between one and two inches in diameter but they came from our little garden. Nolan and I had great fun pulling them out of the ground last night.
 Since I knew that the greens were edible and full of some kind of nutrient (800% RDA of vitamin K among others) I sautéed the greens in olive oil and added them to our plate. I roasted the beets with some sweet potatoes.
In other news, I'm doing some more organic line quilting. This is the last quilt I wanted to finish while I was off work and before my Philadelphia classes begin in June. I'm hoping to finish quilting it today and fully finish the quilt this week. What I'll do with it after that, I don't know. I do love the line quilting because it reminds me of life's journey. The road is never straight and sometimes it gets closer or farther from others roads but the journey is really the important thing. It's what makes us who we are.

Well, I'm off to help a friend dye her hair for a job interview! I warned her I've never done such a thing so I'm glad she trusts me!

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