Thursday, May 17, 2012

The Veg


Hugh, from River Cottage, my new favorite tv show, always refers to his vegetables as 'the veg.' I love that and am now going to refer to my own garden as such. I wanted to update the photos of our garden as of the middle of May. Since I use this blog as a little fournal of our life (I can't tell you how many times I've looked here to find out something about where we've gone or what we did or how we celebrated) I wanted to keep a little photo log of sorts. Mike and I expanded our mulch circle today around the garden boxes.
The top two photos are almost identical but I kept them both in because in the top one the photo is clearer but in the 2nd one you can see more of all of the boxes. We love being able to just go out and cut our lunch. We also love that we have a backyard gardening cat friend. It's our friendly neighborhood cat, Finn. He was with me all morning in the garden. He makes weed pulling fun!
Today is Ascension Day but it is also the Feast of San Paschal Baylon which is Nolan's Confirmation Saint. We're having a special dinner in honor of both. I hope to blog about it tomorrow if I can remember to take photos during all of our cooking!

(***I can not get blogger to edit correctly today so my photos and paragraphs are lined up wacky. I have no idea what the problem is but don't want to spend this gorgeous day futzing with it. Futzing....that's Lancaster County for spending a great deal of time trying to make something perfect that is driving you bonkers.***)

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