Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Wednesday in Bloom

It is amazing to me that my flowers grow. To be honest, I think nature in general is an amazing thing. The fact that I can dig up a plant from one part of my yard and stick it in the dirt in another section and year after year it blooms. Amazing. In April I always think the yard looks so dreary. Shoots are up and I know things will get better but it all looks so sparse. 

Then all of a sudden it's May and the ferns have filled in, the hosta is big again and the buds are bursting. I took these photos on Sunday and we have quite a bit more action out in the yard since then. The white and yellow Peony are blooming like crazy. I just love them. I don't know the variety but they always surprise me when they bloom with that crazy yellow center! I love the little ants that make it all happen. Without them chopping on the outer leaves we'd have no blooms. See what I mean when I say nature is amazing?

My love in a mist is blooming like crazy now, too. I like them best in bloom but their funky UFO seed pods always crack me up later in the season. My roses are looking so much better this year than last. Last year was year one after I transplanted a lot of things in the garden. Nothing did great last year. This year I composted around everything and mulched and everything is growing much more lush. I'm sure it's a combination of it being year 2 after the transplant and the extra vitamins. My foxglove have started to bloom although I don't have a photo. I just love them. It's my English Cottage Garden spot!

Speaking of England, I can't get enough of the River Cottage series. It makes me want livestock so much more than I already did! You Tube has quite a few episodes available or you can purchase the whole set on Amazon, I believe.

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