Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Rainy Day

It's a rainy day today. The kind of day that makes me want to sit in a comfortable chair and put my feet up.
 This is Walter. You may recognize him from the Muppets movie. I have to admit I'm a bit smitten by him.
 Actually, my husband is a bit smitten by him as well.
 Walter was one of my latest sewing projects. Mike and I went to an Oscar party dressed as Mary and Gary from the Muppets Movie and we needed Walter to make the trio. The kids were a little freaked out by my waltzing through the house singing "Everything is great, everything is grand...." with Walter on my arm. Mike had him almost the whole night. Smitten, I say.
Here's my seat for the next few hours. I've got an applique project started and Memoirs of a Geisha on the iPod. I won the movie at the Oscar party but wanted to re-read the book prior to watching it. Since I have a pretty hefty applique quilt project to work on I thought the book-on-tape (or book-on-iPod) would be a good companion. I hope you are having a relaxing rainy day!

Thursday, February 9, 2012


February. It has never been my favorite month. The days are short, cold and dark. It seems an eternity since the joy of Christmas. Lent begins and so Easter is also only a glimmer in the distance. February is, I think, the most perfect month for Lent. A time to go inside yourself for reflection. A time to let go of the world for a while and discover the spark that brings our purpose into light.

Today is the first day of my new adventure. I quit my job and enrolled in a Montessori teacher training program. It feels fitting to be doing this now, amidst the mid-winter gloom for some reason. Seems easier to sit and study by the fire with a blanket across my knees. 

Of course, being job-less for the time being also brings the other projects to the forefront that I have ignored for the past 10 months. Sewing and organizing and cleaning and getting ready for the garden.

A new start.

Sunday, February 5, 2012

 Wow. The last few weeks have been a blur. There is so much to say, so much to tell but I'll leave most of it for another post. I haven't been this exhausted for a long time. It's a good exhausted, from work that I love and gives me energy. I'm not exactly sure how something that gives me so much energy can make me so tired. I'm of course talking about helping to costume the 65 kids that are involved with Nolan in Beauty and the Beast. I have enjoyed it immensely but it has been non stop work. This is the first weekend of shows (so you'd think we'd be done costuming...but no). What a gift for our children. Nolan has made some new friends (as have I) and learned a little more about theater, working as a team, self sacrifice and many other traits that I'm too tired to think about.
These photos are of my sewing buddy. Last week I took home the Cogsworth costume to finish. I found Cloe in this position when I went into the sewing room to work on it. She is generally with me when I'm up there. Of course, she generally likes to sit on top of whatever fabric I'm using at the moment. But how can I be annoyed! It's nice to have a furry friend for company!
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