Saturday, April 6, 2013

Moving ever forward....

I've spent the last several months trying to work out a way to open a little preschool at my parish of St. Mary's. I really have felt the hand of the Holy Spirit at work in it. Unfortunately, there were quite a few issues keeping the dream from happening. I thought all the work and preparation were, not wasted, but to be put aside for a time. I looked into getting a job at the local Montessori schools. Neither have any openings but both want to talk with me in case something comes up in the future. There are two problems with both schools. Now, don't get me wrong, they are both good schools. It's just that I have really felt strongly that I wanted to teach the Catholic faith and I want the school to be affordable. Neither can happen at either local school. 

So I thought I'd just teach for a while, get some experience and continue to plan for my own school. 

Except that I really feel called to something different. I felt almost betrayed by God. That all my (and other's) hard work was for nothing. Then I began to think I could have a little school in our home. That to start small would be best. But still I looked at the hurdles and wondered if I was trying to accomplish this of my own will, not God's.

I prayed and studied and begged God to tell me what he wants for me. It came to me one day while listening to my devotions on the way to work. That I could serve God in whatever I was doing. That if I focused on Him and used the other things of this world to accomplish living for him and helping others to do the same it didn't matter what I was doing. He would bless it all.

I believe that I can best serve Him by teaching about Him! So we are working to ready our sunroom for a class or two of children. We have the birds and the trees and the squirrels and the gardens right out of the window. It is a beautiful spot to learn. It is a transitional space, I think. I can have only 6 students at a time and plan to offer a 3-day and a 2-day class. 

I still have worries. I know that I must put them aside and believe that God will bless this project. If all of the doors close again, then I will walk down another path. For now, the gates are open and we are skipping down the Yellow Brick Road!

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