Sunday, January 25, 2015

With a Week to Spare

I was able to whip up the above simple quilt last weekend. I wanted to keep it simple because I knew I just didn't have time to finish a more complicated quilt. I quite liked this fabric and thought it looked good as a whole piece. 

My January creative goal was to learn to properly finish the binding. I was able to get the binding together with only TWO tries this time! I have to admit the finish looks much more seamless by doing it properly. Hopefully I learned a little more patience while I was at it!

My goal for February is to learn to do some embroidery. I have agreed to make a maniturgium for a friend who will be ordained a priest in June. When he asked if I would make the maniturgium for his ordination I had to ask him what the heck a maniturgium is! A maniturgium is a linen cloth used to wrap a newly ordained priest's hands after they are anointed. It is traditional for the priest to give the maniturgium to his mother and for her hands to be wrapped in it when she is buried. 

Needless to say this is an honor! I would like to embroider some words on it but have done very little embroidery in my life, thus my February creative goal! I purchased the linen a while ago and have only to decide how I want to embroider it. 

Stay tuned!

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